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April 2010, minutes before I left my village for the last time. Today I’m one year back from Guatemala. I haven’t written much since leaving. As a matter of fact, I haven’t written much since 2008. Because as the new normal of life in the village approached and overtook the old normal of life in […]

the Hawaii adventure

I’ve had the good fortune to spend the last month on a fact-finding mission with my friend Dave, a fellow volunteer from Guatemala. Wild pigs are terrible neighbors, but Dave is an ideal housemate. And he teaches me Taoism.

wiib’ chihab’ sak’al

Two Years Complete My errands finished, I went outside to find a taxi. After waiting too long, I went around the corner for some chips. It was late afternoon and the day was coming to a close. People would be getting off work soon. I found the chips I wanted, but I had to hesitate. […]

junpaat neke’xik eb’ li chihab’

The years go fast.

xwotzb’al yehom b’aanuhom

Cultural Exchange Last week Sanimtacá hosted 30 students and teachers from Shalom Christian Academy of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. The visit was a mission trip for the senior class organized through Proeval Raxmu. I joined the small envoy from Sanimtacá to meet the group in Cobán. After introductions, there was a small soccer match to break the […]

Happy Guatemalan Independence

Libertad 15 de Septiembre 1821

so close…

“Do you want to marry our little sister?” I don’t know. How old is she? “Ten.” Can she cook? “No.” Then no.

eb’ li ch’ina ixqa’al

The girls. What does a volunteer in a village have in common with a student in middle school? Social acceptance is top priority. But instead of waiting around to deliver sarcastic one-liners, a volunteer has to invest time and energy into becoming a part of the community. But communities are stratified, and you can’t get […]

the weekend

Well since I’ve been in site for almost a year, I decided it was time to give the bathroom a door. The cooperative donated some second rate lumber and I got to work. Little Jose got a stick of gum for helping. He found a hole and squirreled away the wrapper. So I showed him […]

typical day

I went home for the holidays. Before I did, I made a list of the things I wanted to do and the things I wanted to eat in the USA. Partial results below: 1. Christmas with the family √ 2. Pick up supplies for the coming year √ 3. Speak English √ 4. Pecan pie […]