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farewell to Cinnamon too

My time at the animal hospital comes to an end. I met a lot of great creatures and I’ll miss a lot of great people. don’t think Cinnamon will be missing me though.


While wandering the Smithsonian yesterday, I was slightly disappointed to see that the Reptile, Insect, and (contemporary) Bone displays were closed. There were enough Paleozoic oceans, Permian therapsids, Mesozoic skeletons, and Pleistocene mammals to keep me occupied, but I noticed a sizable contingent of guests in the hall of gems. Were they bored with the […]


I happened to have two tickets to this year’s National Capital Cat Show. So Taylor and I went to look at all the furry owls. If you’ve never been to a cat show, plan to. Memorable is the word. This is Flip. She is the only famous cat I’ve ever met; Best-in-Show, Cat-Minster 2006. But […]