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my favorite spider

I got a call from John the night before swearing in as a volunteer. The vet found a large tumor in Addie’s spleen. The options were limited. I had been holding out hope that I might see her again. I thought I might make a holiday visit in the fall or winter. I’m sorry that […]

leaving the nest

There are almost two score brand new Peace Corps Volunteers departing their training communities this week. We’re leaving the department of SacatepĂ©quez and spreading out across Guatemala, landing in our assigned sites; our new homes for the next two years. Team Bartolo is one man short since Juan left for the states to heal from […]

Don Rodrigo was walking the procession in Antigua. So the family and I spent the day in the big city. We went to Pollo Campero for breakfast. I was feeling great because we have eggs and beans with tortillas for breakfast almost every day (and sometimes for dinner too) and I was ready for a […]

cueva samac

Just a note to let you know that I’m okay. I’ve been spending my time making remarkable discoveries. I won’t expect you to believe them. An example, did you know that the planet is a work in progress? There are places in the forest where the seams show, where there’s no stuffing, there’s no clockwork, […]


I was supposed to be taking measurements in the communal forest, but I was distracted. Because just thirty meters beyond the tree line, mere minutes into our hike, I became aware that we were surrounded by the sights and sounds of completely new birds. Kate named the birds as they appeared, and even if they […]