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In May we plant the corn. Before planting, plots are stripped and burned. They call this “cleaning the mountains.” (I don’t detect any irony.) Playing my part (the encyclopedic yet pathetically ignorant North American), I ask if this is really the best way to prepare the land for planting. If we trust my sources, not […]


The origin of the name Sanimtacá (sometimes pronounced Sanimta’a) is not disputed. Sa’ is ‘In,’ Nim means ‘Big,’ and Tak’a means ‘Hole.’ In a big hole. It stirs the imagination. (Incidentally, Watemaal is derived from an ancient Toltec-Mayan name meaning Place of Many Trees, which is where we get the modern name Guatemala). But what […]

Andrew: Pedro? Pedro: Yeah Andrew: What are we doing? Pedro: What do you mean? Andrew: I mean… Like, what’s our plan? Pedro: Our plan? Andrew: Yeah Pedro: Well I don’t know what you had in mind Andrew: Just- Pedro: As it stands, we’re taking provisional root in a remote, rural area of Central America Andrew: […]