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don domingo

In the third grade I wrote my name on Dominic’s shoe. We’ve been friends ever since. But in the nearly twenty years we’ve known each other there has never been a stronger demonstration of best friendship than the time he came to visit me in Guatemala. I know this because for five days he wouldn’t […]

Some of us had a project design management conference at Peace Corps headquarters last week. After the two-day seminar, a few of us escaped for an earned beach weekend in Monterrico on the west coast. Besides beach soccer, beach volleyball, beach baseball, and beach beach, there was swimming in the pool and fruit licuados in […]

¿K’aru yookin anaqwan?

What am I doing now? Apologies for the lack of updates. Work picked up. Now they’ve got me out in the campo, hiking caves, teaching classes, and scouting trails in the cloud forest. When work doesn’t extend into the weekend, I have Q’eqchi’ classes and (todavía no tengo mujer) washing to do. I plan to […]