consider this a warning

So tell all your giant beetle friends that if I find you in my house, I’m not above fitting you with tiny blonde pigtails and humiliating you on the internet.

The rainy season is here -which means a lot of time under this roof. I’m evaluating (with celebration and regret) the wisdom of creating a blog to publicly document my precipitous unraveling.

2 Responses to “consider this a warning”

  1. mw Says:

    I guess you just gave up your right to feel disdain for those in the animal-tainment biz. Exploiting beetles. When do we get to see your flea circus!:) Glad you liked your photo album. You have quite a fan club. Keep posting, everyone enjoys a HEART OF DARKNESS remake.

  2. juliette Says:

    Hi Andrew… I hope you have been enjoying a spectacular birthday party down there in Guate. We miss you! I guess this means you’ll have 3x the birthday party once you’re back in the States.

    Happy birthday!