Andrew:  Pedro?
Pedro:    Yeah
Andrew:  What are we doing?
Pedro:    What do you mean?
Andrew:  I mean...  Like, what's our plan?
Pedro:    Our plan?
Andrew:  Yeah
Pedro:    Well I don't know what you had in mind
Andrew:  Just-
Pedro:    As it stands, we're taking provisional root 
               in a remote, rural area of Central America
Andrew:  I know...
Pedro:    -where we'll integrate and take up a dying
Andrew:  (Inspecting a tire depression of muddy 
               water for movement)  Right.
Pedro:    try to learn something and if we're 
               lucky, make ourselves useful.
Andrew:  (silent)
Pedro:    Did you have a better idea?  
Andrew:  oh.
Pedro:    Maybe hang around Virginia?  Teach a class, 
               draw some pictures, cohabitate with a young 
               woman of promise?  Write an editorial for 
               the paper?  Eat chinese food?  (condescending)  
               Drive a car to a mooovie?  
               (Sips water from a tube running to his water pack and
               ignores the allure of his own sarcastic suggestions)
Andrew:  (Scanning the trees for the source of the chipping 
               notes in the air)
Pedro:     It's not all great, but (wringing sweat from an eyebrow) 
               this is what we're doing, so let's just do it.
Andrew:  (Stopping at a rustle in the grass.  Parts the vegetation
               and searches briefly before running to catch up.)
Pedro:    What.
Andrew:  I mean what are we doing?  Today, I mean.
Pedro:    Today?
Andrew:  Today.
Pedro:    Oh.  Today.
               ...well today I think we'll find out what needs to be done, 
               and then we'll do it.
Pedro:    To assist in community development
Pedro:    And if there's time, we'll look for snakes.
Andrew:  Daylight's burning!

3 Responses to “on the road between cooperatives”

  1. Taylor Says:

    you a cutie patootie

  2. juliette Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    It’s been a while since I left a comment on your blog, though I continue to follow along on your adventure. I hope you are keeping your spirits up and getting your fill of the local fauna. Life here continues to be one big mystery: Obama or Hillary? (It’s looking like Obama.) UR or Temple?
    There was an immigration raid on a big construction site in downtown richmond yesterday. That’s the first big raid I’ve heard of here in the city. I wonder what the whole “immigration debate” must look like from your perspective. The issue continues to take on new shades of gray every day for me.
    If you and or your aldea need anything, say the word! We be thinking about you.

  3. Princess Says:

    Andrew will not be denied Don Pedro! No puede ocultar (oscurar?) Andrew del mundo. Andrew es un dios del bosque. Lu se ayude Andrew a ser menos una parte de “yo”, y más una parte de la comunidad. ¡Usted esta una propriedad de la comunidad, Don Pedro!

    Oof! It’s been a while since I had to put that many spanish words together. ext time I’ll just write a poem about you split personality needs.