¿K’aru yookin anaqwan?

What am I doing now?

Apologies for the lack of updates. Work picked up. Now they’ve got me out in the campo, hiking caves, teaching classes, and scouting trails in the cloud forest. When work doesn’t extend into the weekend, I have Q’eqchi’ classes and (todavía no tengo mujer) washing to do.
I plan to catch up as soon as I catch up.

Wan chik.

2 Responses to “¿K’aru yookin anaqwan?”

  1. Geoff Says:


    That looks like it sucks.

  2. Rambo Says:

    I’ve been working at my bo-staff/broomstick technique, so, by 2010 we need to find a master of the sai and a master of the katanas and then we will be set.