Some of us had a project design management conference at Peace Corps headquarters last week. After the two-day seminar, a few of us escaped for an earned beach weekend in Monterrico on the west coast. Besides beach soccer, beach volleyball, beach baseball, and beach beach, there was swimming in the pool and fruit licuados in the shade. A nesting sea turtle kicked sand in my face.
My father once told me how to watch the sun set twice on the west coast, but I had never had the chance to try it. I explained the idea to the others, but we weren’t sure if it would work.

Until now I have failed to mention a recent addition to my independent studies. It isn’t easy to explain with words or pictures alone, but Tex shot a video that explains everything.
Click the photo below (and do not try at home).

photo by Chris Barry

And at that very moment, “McAfee, you’re gonna miss it!”
I looked back to see the sun sinking, and we all got down on our backs in the sand to watch the sun set. As soon as the last sliver disappeared, we jumped up and climbed to an elevated point just in time to watch the sun go down again.
Success all around, all injuries were minor and sports-related. Now back to work.

4 Responses to “monterrico: double sunset weapons training”

  1. Geoff Says:

    Nunchucks. Seriously?

    You’re in the Peacecorps not the TMNT.

    Btw, Starwars Kid called. He said he wants his Internet fame back.

    I keed, I’m jealous of your nunchuck skills.

  2. juliette Says:

    omg! that’s where i went! i think… is there a giant pelican that just hangs around clacking its jaws and belongs to some cafe/restaurant? and is there a teeny tiny library that’s mostly closed up? and a sea turtle conservatory? and is the sand dark? and did you have to take a rickety boat passing through mangroves to get there?

    if so, you went where i went, and i distinctly remember when i was there that i wished i had a friend with me. somehow, knowing you’ve been there too makes me happy in rewind.

  3. jackie Says:


    i just moved to richmond and when i was going through all of my stuff the other day, i found a postcard i wrote to you a few years ago, that never got sent for some reason…

  4. topsy Says:

    Oh I love this , very 70s.