the weekend

Well since I’ve been in site for almost a year, I decided it was time to give the bathroom a door. The cooperative donated some second rate lumber and I got to work. Little Jose got a stick of gum for helping. He found a hole and squirreled away the wrapper. So I showed him how I put trash in my pocket until I can find a wastebasket (use those teachable moments).
I was sawing until my arms were worn out. But from time to time a friendly passerby would arrive and (out of curiosity) take a turn sawing. I hung the door on its hinges and evened things out with a machete. A successful project.
I’m trying to think if anything else interesting happened over the weekend…
Oh yeah, there was this:

2 Responses to “the weekend”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    what bathroom…? id vote that doors are overrated, privacy schmi-macy.

  2. Joe Mama Says:

    Like the re-design, especially the now-readable whiter type. And the sunset is gorgeous!